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It doesn’t matter if you’re an escort website owner or a Viagra money site owner — Authority is one of the main standard ranking factors across the board. Even though Google doesn’t look as favorably on niches such as escorts, pharmaceutical, gambling and porn, it doesn’t matter. DA/PA or TF/CF is one of the most important factors regardless of your niche… at least for now.

Our PBN’s offer high DA/PA or TF/CF and are open to all niche’s and genres. FapTraffic.com PBN’s DA is constantly growing, averaging at 24. We don’t include free sites in our arsenal. We only used handpicked, high DA/PA or TF/CF domains. FapTraffic.com domains tend to be more aged and our networks take longer to develop to insure we’re delivering a quality PBN for our valued customers.

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