Q: I want to rank fast! What are the most important ranking factors?

Quality Content, PBN SEO and Traffic Matter!

Q: I know FapTraffic.com offers PBN ranking, but what about design and traffic service options?

We currently do not offer these services through FapTraffic.com. However, please contact us and we can recommend affordable, third-party website design and traffic providers we trust.

Q: Does the team at FapTraffic.com handwrite all articles or do they use some form of AI for spinning?

We’ve seen firsthand sloppy AI (artificial intelligence) spun articles, placed on PBN’s and heard the excuses that those so called SEO agents give. The truth is, most just don’t have time to proof each and every article posted in the network. Quality content MATTERS in the eyes of Google and ranking. Can you use an AI to spin articles? Yes. Does the SEO/PBN owner need to proof the articles? YES. Using an AI is no reason to cheat the customer out of a quality service they pay for!

Q: Can the poster or buyer submit their own content? If so, will this make the PBN posting cost any cheaper?

For the best possible results, FapTraffic.com will provide all posted content.

Q: Does Onsite SEO matter when it comes to PBNs?

Believe it or not, we actually perform SEO on each and every one of our PBN’s. We’ve been told that SEO on PBN’s doesn’t matter. It actually does. Each PBN should have bi-weekly at minimum SEO maintenance and healthy traffic flow to insure the desired results of the domains linked within it.