FapTraffic.com is a growing alternative PBN (Private Blog Network) solution which provides quality PBN advertising options for niche markets such as adult, porn, gambling, escort and pharmaceutical. We also offer mainstream PBN marketing options and solutions as well.

The abbreviation DA stands for Domain Authority and PA stands for Page Authority. Domain Authority represents how authoritative or how much authority (importance a website is on a scale of 0-100. DA is calculated by Moz, an SEO software provider. The score is largely based on the quality of links going to a website, so stop exchanging and buying spammy links that do your website more harm than good!

FapTraffic.com offers high DA/PA marketing options for adult, escorts, pharma sites and more!

FapTraffic.com PBN’s offers the ultimate SEO ranking solution for adult, porn, gambling, escort and pharmaceutical- the unrankable and untouchable domains by most SEO agents. We say YES when others say NO.

How it Works For the Beginner

If you’re a beginner, the last thing you want is a lesson in SEO. You probably just want the quick and easy answer to how these PBN’s work and whats the big deal. The simple answer is FapTraffic.com PBN’s can help your website or money site rank faster due to the high DA/PA of our PBN domains.

Are there other determining ranking factors? Of course! But this certain criteria weighs extremely heavily in the eyes of Google today just the way last year PR was the big factor.

Simplified Conclusion

In general, the higher the DA/PA the higher the rank of the website. The goal is to get YOUR DOMAINS DA/PA as high as possible. This is done through backlinking or linking to OTHER high DA/PA websites i.e. – FapTraffic.com PBN’s. However, keep in mind, increasing your websites DA/PA isn’t as easy as linking to just any website. Remember the DA/PA of the website your website is linking to must have high DA/PA itself, to benefit YOUR website and the links must only be one way.

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